532nm high-power green laser cuts carbon fiberwith neat edges and no burrs

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532nm high-power green laser cuts carbon fiberwith neat edges and no burrs


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Carbon fiber is a special fiber composedof carbon elements, which has the characteristics of high temperatureresistance, friction resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivityand corrosion resistance. Compounding, the manufacture of advanced compositematerials.


Nanosecondlaser cutting has been our commonly used technology


Carbon fiber is a very advanced material,so its processing is not so simple. Although laser cutting is a commonly usedtechnology, there are still many points of attention when using carbon fiber.


Powerful man for laser cutting carbon fiberboard-RFH 532nm greenlaser


A worker from a carbon fiber manufacturerintroduced to us that when laser cutting carbon fiber, if the power of thelaser is unstable, it is easy to cause various problems. For example, if thepower is too high, the board will be burned. , the incision is not flat, butthe 532nm green laserproduced by RFH is very handy in the cutting of carbon fiber, so it has alwaysbeen their loyal partner.


RFH 532nm green laser ishandy for cutting carbon fiber


This laser from RFH has stable power andexcellent beam quality, which is very suitable for processing fine materialssuch as carbon fiber, which greatly improves the production efficiency ofmanufacturers and reduces losses. What is even more commendable is that theoperation of this laserfrom RFH is also very simple, and it can be easily used only after simpletraining. The requirements for professional and technical personnel are low,which reduces the labor difficulty of processing and production enterprises.

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