20W high power UV laser markingPCB circuit board, clear and not fade

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20W high power UV laser markingPCB circuit board, clear and not fade


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PCB is usedin almost all electronic products and is an indispensable component. Thedevelopment of the PCB industry has been very mature, so the requirements forvarious indicators in the production and sales links are extremely strict, sowe can often see various marking information on the surface of the PCB to markthe key information of the PCB.


PCB/FPC punching, scribing,cutting, RFH 20W UV laser never let youdown


The two mostimportant points in the PCB marking process are clarity and efficiency. PangGong from the research department of the PCB manufacturer introduced to us.Clear and natural, needless to say, it is very important to see the standardinformation on the PCB clearly, and it is also required that the laser mark will not fade or blurduring the life-time use of the PCB.


PCB customers recognize the RFHconcept and technology and reach a long-term cooperation strategy for UV lasers


The secondpoint is high efficiency, because the production demand of PCB is very large,and large-scale production has generally been formed. If the efficiency isreduced in the marking process, it will affect the delivery of many orders,which will also reduce production. Costs have gone up. So we took these twopoints as the key and found this Expert III 355 series power UV laser marker fromRFH, and we have been using it for many years, the technology has kept pacewith the times, but the standard has never been lowered, Ma Gong Some saidexcitedly.


Expert III 355 UV diode-pumpedpulsed solid-state laser


Expert III355 series UV semiconductor-pumped pulsed solid-state lasersadopt unique laser cavity design, acousto-optic Q-switching technology, andhigh-precision cooling system, with small size and high integration. It has ashort pulse width (<20ns@40k), excellent beam quality (M²<1.2) andperfect spot characteristics (spot ellipticity>90%). Widely used inPE/PCB/FPC cutting, glass, sapphire cutting and high-precision micro-processingdrilling, scribing, cutting and other fields.


RFH Nanosecond UV Laser


Indeed, MaGong is not false. During the operation of RFH, many customers have reachedlong-term cooperation because of their recognition of RFH's concepts andtechnologies. RFH has also never disappointed customers, consistentlydelivering laser technology to customers.

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