High-power UV laser withultra-high precision and excellent beam quality, making it easy to processmicro-holes

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RFH UV lasereasily completes 0.004mm ultra-small diameter humidifier punching


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No matter how exquisitehandicrafts can be processed by traditional handicrafts, there are some limitsthat can never be touched, such as extremely small holes, how small? Thediameter is 0.004mm, which is completely invisible to the naked eye under normalcircumstances.

Why make such tiny holes? Inpractical applications, the product closest to life is the"humidifier".

The humidifier uses ultrasonicwaves to disperse the water droplets, and the dispersed water droplets willpass through a structure called "atomizing sheet". Because thediameter of the water droplets is very small, it will become almost vaporizedand can to humidify the air.

For example, the processing ofatomizing tablets cannot be punched by conventional mechanical methods at all.It is not a hard material limitation. The main reason is that the diameter ofthe punching hole is too small, and there is no way to complete it with smallprocessing tools. laser to complete.

In order for the humidifier to befully atomized, the hole must be made very small. The RFH laser easilycompletes the ultra-small diameter of 0.004mm, so that the water can be fullyvaporized when passing through the atomizing sheet.


Why canlasers make such tiny holes?


Laserprocessing is a non-contact processing method without the limitation ofprocessing materials. The essence of laser is light. In theory, the light canbe controlled to a thickness that cannot be recognized by the human eye, butthe energy will not be attenuated. For the processing of such delicate products,the laser is definitely the first choice, maybe even the only choice.


Theequipment that achieves such fine drilling is the RFH S9 series pulsed ultraviolet solid-state laser.


RFH S9 series


Unlike the bulky solid-statelasers in the past, the RFH S9 series pulsed ultraviolet solid-state lasers cancontrol the volume to a very small extent. Because of its small size, theadditional advantage is that it has a high degree of integration, does not needto go through complicated installation processes, and does not need to make alarge optical path. It has the characteristics of out-of-the-box use.


High-power UV laser withultra-high precision and excellent beam quality, making it easy to processmicro-holes


Although the RFH S9 series pulsedUV solid-state lasers are small in size, due to their excellent cavity design,the beam quality is very high (M²<1.2) and has excellent beam quality in allfrequency ranges.

Of course, for machiningprecision instruments, in addition to excellent beam quality, precision isequally important. RFH S9 series pulsed ultraviolet solid-state lasershave ultra-high precision of ±0.02mm.

When machining precisioninstruments, due to the ultra-high precision and excellent beam quality, it iseasy to process.

Not only that, the traditionalmethod of mechanical adjustment of parameters has been difficult to meet thesmall changes, and through the fully digital display method, the adjustmentparameters have become extremely accurate.

By communicating with thecomputer, the working state of the laser can also be monitored remotely, andthe laser can be controlled externally through RS232.


The mostimportant reason why RFH UV lasers aredifferent is their strong technical strength


The most important reason why RFHcan be different is that it has strong technical strength and has coretechnology.

For a laser, the most importantcomponent is the power supply. The quality of a power supply directly affectsthe stability and beam quality of the laser. RFH has the technical advantage ofindependently developing a power supply, and the results are self-evident.

In the face of the future era ofintelligent manufacturing, the strong technical accumulation of RFH laser has already beenprepared, and the strong technical capability is the most stable backing, whichis sufficient to meet any challenges.

This is the result of 15 years ofleading technology and industry experience of the RFH brand.